Safety is our number one concern as we provide aerial videos for our customers. We also have some limitations – most of which are common sense – that are required by the Federal Aviation Agency. Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked.

Are you licensed?

FAA issues certification upon testing – and passing – a comprehensive test about safety, flying conditions, and aviation regulations. A Remote Pilot certificate is then issued, which is good for two years. All operators who are operating their equipment on a commercial basis must hold this certification.

What is the owner’s background?

Vicki Felmlee is a third-generation Colorado business owner. She received her degree in Geology and worked for several years as an Environmental Geologist before starting her marketing company in 1996. Active in her community, she has served on numerous boards and committees and is a published wrtier. Currently she is Colorado Director of the Old Spanish Trail Association.

How long have drones been around?

Drones have been utilized by government and the military for many years, but drones – also called multi-rotors – have been a growing hobby for only a few years. Commercial operations have been flying successfully for about five years – and this business is expected to double, even triple in the next year or two.

What are some of the advantages of aerial videos?

That sky view you get from aerial equipment is invaluable and amazing. You can see things you never thought possible, in only a few seconds! From commercial applications to scenery, aerial videography can show you a  new world.

  • Aerial equipment can go into places that may be hazardous or difficult to access such as canal banks and ravines.
  • Display scale and contrast with properties.
  • Enhance landscapes.
  • Display your new building – show it off!

What are some of the restrictions?

  • Weather is a big one – we cannot fly when winds exceed 12 mpg, or if it’s raining or snowing.
  • We also cannot fly directly over people or animals.
  • We cannot fly at night.
  • We cannot fly indoors.
  • If safety conditions are in doubt, or compromised in any way, we will not operate our equipment.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured when we fly.

What kinds of events do you do?

Many outdoor events are ideal for aerial videography. Races, for example, are perfect venue and we have a lot of these opportunities in our area. We are also committed to the success of our community and offer substantial discounts to non-profit organizations.

What real estate videos can you produce?

We do large properties more than 1 acre in size as well as agricultural properties.

Do you need permission to fly?

In many areas, yes, and TCS will obtain those permissions or work with an event organizer to obtain those permissions.